The actual Office Manager

Laura Russell

Commercial & Asset Finance Ltd : Office Manager

Introducing Laura, she's incredibly much more than just a voice on the phone.

A highly experienced professional with a wealth of knowledge gained over 10 years as an Underwriter at RFS Ltd, a well-known insurance firm, before the branch's relocation to Chester. Following this, Laura transitioned seamlessly into a dynamic role as a Sales Administrator at Renault, where she thrived for 11 years, contributing significantly to the company's success.

Since joining our team in August 2014, Laura has been an integral part of our operations, bringing with her a deep understanding of risk assessment and customer service. Her extensive background in both insurance and automotive industries has equipped her with versatile skills that benefit our company's diverse needs.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Laura leads a fulfilling life outside of work. She is passionate about culinary arts, often experimenting with new recipes in her kitchen. An advocate for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Laura frequents the gym, where she finds both physical and mental rejuvenation. Additionally, she cherishes her time outdoors, especially when walking her two charming Bedlington terriers, Rio and Bailey, who bring her joy and companionship.

With her multifaceted background and unwavering dedication, Laura continues to make meaningful contributions to our team while nurturing her passions beyond the office walls.

0141 258 7064