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Karina Gallagher

Commercial & Asset Finance Ltd : Broker

Meet Karina, a seasoned banking professional with three decades of experience under her belt! For the past 20 years, she's been dedicated to helping businesses thrive in both managerial roles at Barclays and NatWest. Based in the picturesque regions of Cumbria and Lancashire, Karina has become a go-to expert for businesses, particularly in manufacturing and hospitality sectors.

Throughout her career, she's facilitated the growth of countless businesses, raising millions in finance. After leaving NatWest in 2017 due to restructuring, Karina seized the opportunity to continue her passion for supporting local businesses. Teaming up with JF Hornby & Co Accountants, she co-founded a Commercial Finance Business in May 2017.

Today, Karina works closely with Commercial and Asset Finance, ensuring her clients have access to the best funding solutions. When she's not busy helping businesses thrive, you'll find Karina exploring the stunning Cumbrian countryside with her beloved springer spaniel, Millie.

07712 567 347